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Summer Test Prep (ACT/SAT)

Attempting to take a major standardized test without properly preparing for it is like attempting to run a marathon without training. Every student should set aside time to prepare for these important tests. Time spent working with an experienced Peak instructor will yield positive results. Our test prep programs and one-on-one instruction will help you get started on the road to great scores!

Summertime offers a great opportunity for students to prepare for these major exams without the pressures of the academic year dividing their attention (e.g., preparing for quizzes/tests, writing essays, etc.). Many of our summer test prep students are fully prepared to take their targeted test within the first few weeks of the fall semester, allowing them to achieve a top score before the academic and extracurricular pressures of the school year are in full effect. 11th-graders are able to more fully focus on the ever-important “Junior Year,” while 12th-graders can devote more time and energy toward completing their college applications and maintaining a strong GPA in their final semesters of high school.

Peak offers practice exams, classes, and one-on-one preparation for both ACT and SAT exams. Each practice exam and class is set up to prepare students for a national and/or state exam. With that in mind, students and parents are encouraged to set up a free initial consultation with Peak’s Director of Education in order to discuss the test preparation process in detail.

Summer Practice Tests

The key to our success with students is our commitment to tailoring our approach to each student’s individual needs. Using our proprietary question-by-question test diagnostics, we are able to derive clear data which describe in exact detail which types of problems and on which specific concepts students are struggling, allowing us to focus directly on those areas. Our test prep focuses on the material YOU really need to work on rather than utilizing a scripted approach common to other test prep programs.

Diagnostic Practice Exams: $79/test

Full-length, proctored, real ACT and SAT tests including detailed diagnostic of scoring and content deficits.  Both exams will be proctored on each testing date; exams are proctored concurrently in different testing rooms.

You can register for any of our schedule practice exam dates by clicking the blue button below. Families are also welcome to schedule a private exam at a convenient, custom time at the modified rate of $149/exam.

  • Cherry Creek North Exam Dates
    • 03/31
    • 05/26
    • 06/09
    • 08/25
  • Denver Tech Center Exam Dates
    • 03/17
    • 05/19
    • 06/23
    • 08/11

Summer ACT/SAT Classes

Peak’s 12-hour ACT & SAT courses take into account the nuances of the ever-evolving ACT & SAT exams. They include a full review of all key strategies for each test section, detailed and effective pacing strategies for all sections, as well as multiple opportunities for timed practiced. In sum, students participating in these courses will exit with a comprehensive understanding of the material for which they are responsible, knowledge of the strategies for each section of the exam, and a deeper appreciation for who they are as individual test takers.

To enhance the course with active participation from students, we will utilize both our own note-taking system and one of the best, top-tier ACT/SAT books currently available. Peak’s guided notes are designed to be paired with the course’s verbal instruction in such a way that students remain engaged and are provided consistent opportunities to participate. The ACT/SAT book’s drills are also incorporated into the course so that students are able to practice and hone the skills and techniques presented by our instructor using the best approximations of real exam questions available.

Small-Group ACT/SAT Classes: $399

12-hours of instruction is provided over the course of a three day period. Each day, students attend 4-hours of instruction and focus on individual sections of the exam. Large amounts of targeted practice are paired with nightly homework (real sections of past exams) in order to provide students with as many opportunities to experience the concepts and structure contained within each exam as possible.

You can register for any of our scheduled practice exam dates by clicking the blue button below.

Classes include:

  • 1 ACT/SAT prep guidebooks
  • Detailed, guided note booklet
  • 12 hours of small group instruction
  • Full review of all key strategies for each test section
  • Detailed and effective pacing strategies for all sections and essay
  • Multiple opportunities for timed practice for each section

Upcoming class dates:

  • Cherry Creek North Class Dates
    • 06/04 – 06/06; 3pm – 7pm, daily
    • 07/18 – 07/20; 12pm – 4pm, daily
  • Denver Tech Center Class Dates
    • 06/18 – 06/20; 12pm – 4pm, daily
    • 08/08 – 08/10; 3pm – 7pm, daily

Individual ACT/SAT Support

Our test prep teachers are the best in the business. We require our teachers to score in the 95th percentile or better on these standardized tests, and that’s BEFORE we accept them into our rigorous training program. The result is intelligent and highly skilled test prep experts working with your student using a data driven approach to a data driven test.

During one-on-one sessions our teachers employ a combination of content review and skills modeling in order to empower students on these exams. By reflecting upon previous experience and giving students opportunities to be fooled by the exam, we are able to build each student’s knowledge and understanding of what the ACT and SAT expect from a skilled test taker.

Often, individual sessions are paired with our small group classes. Families are able to register for all test prep related services by clicking the blue button below. Our Director of Education is also happy to sit down with you for a free consultation (contact information below).

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