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Microblog – Empowered Parenting

Microblog – Empowered Parenting

Recently, I happened across an article about parenting and the role of a child’s built-in genetics in determining how that child will “turn out.”  The article essentially stated that much is controlled by genetics and, in many instances, children are going to turn out how they’re going to turn out, regardless of parents’ best efforts.

While the nature vs. nurture debate continues, much is now known about the influence parenting has on outcomes in terms of child development, and, let me assure you, parenting matters.  A lot.  In some instances, genetics can be powerfully influential and an obstacle to the best efforts of parents, educators, etc.  But those instances are the exception, not the rule.

Parents, please know that you have an enormous influence on your children, an influence that can be cumulatively positive or negative.

Parenting is tough.  In many instances there is no single correct answer.  But, there are a set of skills and habits that, when used effectively, can positively influence the development of children, more often than not regardless of genetics.