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2017 Summer Enrichment

Many students’ struggles in math stem from gaps in their foundational knowledge from previous years. We have created a solution to this frustrating cycle via our one of a kind math diagnostics. Each diagnostic breaks down a given math level (from pre-algebra through calculus) into a set of highly specific concept areas and measures the student’s proficiency in each area. Review of the diagnostic with students/families allows our staff to strategically remediate each student’s math struggles concept by concept.

In addition to traditional one-on-one work, Peak’s Summer Math Lab is a drop in service that allows students to remediate previous content concerns, prepare for the upcoming school year, and complete any assigned summer packets.

Students are encouraged to attend the Math Lab in the final month before the start of the fall semester to ensure they are prepared for a successful year.

Support will be available in the following subjects: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. If students need additional support, small groups or one on one sessions will be available for these areas as well as advanced maths such as Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Statistics.

Summer Math Lab 2017 Schedule and Tuition

Math Lab will be open for drop-ins from Tuesday to Thursday at both our Cherry Creek North and Denver Tech Center locations on the following dates.

Week 1

July 18, 2017 – July 20, 2017: 4-6pm (CCN & DTC locations)

Week 2

July 25, 2017 – July 27, 2017: 4-6pm (CCN & DTC locations)

Week 3 

August 1, 2017 – August 3, 2017: 4-6 pm (CCN & DTC locations)

Week 4 

August 8, 2017 – August 9, 2017: 4- 6 pm (CCN & DTC locations)


Math Lab is a drop-in service.

The drop-in rate is $45/session.

Students may also register for unlimited drop-in sessions during the four week Math Lab.

Unlimited drop-in rate: $395

 Register Now!