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Anne Liebenthal

Anne Liebenthal

BA English Education and Spanish Education — Brigham Young University
Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages — Idaho Department of Education

Anne was raised by a nuclear engineer and a professional writer, and knew one learns every day just as one eats every day. Curious about all subjects, she became a voracious reader. Her greatest academic strength is language, and her understanding of English has been enhanced by her residencies abroad: a year and a half in Peru, and two years in the United Kingdom.

Her career in education began in 1986, and she has taught all levels of high school Spanish and English, ENL and various adult education classes, but has always preferred teaching one-on-one and small groups. She has a preference for the IB approach to education and world citizenship and believes that several weeks abroad equates with a year or more of formal education.

She has a daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter in Parker, and a son, daughter-in-law, and a single daughter in Utah. Her favorite activity is babysitting her granddaughter