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Anna Ivashchenko

Anna Ivashchenko

BS in Biology and Psychology  – University of Colorado

Anna graduated from the International Baccalaureate Program at Smoky Hill HS in 2004 and earned a BS in Biology and BS in Psychology at the University of Colorado in 2008.  She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Biostatistics while working as a clinical research scientist at CU Medical School’s Department of Surgery.

Anna began teaching as a mathematics tutor at the Colorado Community College. Over the past five years she has tutored high school and college students in algebra, geometry, physics, chemistry, and biology.  A devoted student of the natural world, she is committed to building an appreciation of foundational mathematic and scientific concepts for her students.

Her other passions include art, design, and the Colorado outdoors. When not running the trails, she can be caught cooking, drawing, or applying for research grants.