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Test Prep Programs

Peak Test Prep Classes

After over a decade of providing the highest quality one on one SAT and ACT test prep available, this summer Peak Learning Solutions will begin offering two of the most comprehensive test prep programs available in the greater Denver area. Contact us to learn more or register!

DATES:   SAT 6/15 – 8/24     ACT 7/6 – 9/14                      TUITION: $1495


Program By the Numbers

18  – number of hours of individualized one-on-one instruction
16  – number of hours of well differentiated small group instruction
3   – number of proctored, full-length real ACT/SAT practice tests

Peak By the Numbers

12 – number of years Peak has been providing high quality test prep instruction
99 – percentile Peak’s expert test prep instructors consistently score on the SAT/ACT
95 – percentage of surveyed Peak families who would recommend Peak to others

Our Teachers

Prior to training to become a Peak test prep instructor, we require our teachers to score at least at the 95th percentile on the ACT and SAT and come with strong teaching backgrounds in order to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to help your child achieve top scores! Ultimately, our test prep instructors are top 1% test takers and experts at test prep instruction. Additionally, at Peak it’s not just about our instructors knowing the tests, it’s also about understanding and teaching the metacognitive problem solving aspects that lead to mastery of the tests.

Upon completion of these programs, students will be able to

  • Demonstrate improved understanding of all math topics encountered on the tests from pre-algebra through trigonometry (ACT only), basic probability and statistics, word problems, and more
  • Demonstrate improved understanding of all English grammar, punctuation and rhetorical skills encountered on the tests
  • Utilize effective and proven test-specific problem solving strategies for each section of the test (e.g. PITA, POE, “ball-parking”, the 4 C’s, trick answer recognition, and more . .)
  • Utilize strategic and effective individualized pacing strategies unique to each section of the tests in order to maximize test taking efficiency
  • Apply newly learned test taking skills and strategies in authentic test-taking scenarios including full-length proctored tests as well as in-home practice on real ACT and SAT tests
  • Demonstrate understanding of effective reading analysis and annotative strategies
  • Identify key terms in reading questions in order to more quickly locate appropriate information within reading sections
  • Quickly and effectively analyze scientific graphs and tables, recognize trends in data (or lack thereof), isolate independent and dependent variables, and draw correct conclusions from data and experiments
  • Identify the strategies that test writers employ as a means of increasing the apparent difficulty of test questions, hiding correct answers, and making wrong answers enticing to novice test takers

FOR OVER A DECADE – providing the highest quality SAT and ACT test prep available!