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Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching

Every day we hear from students and parents about late/lost assignments, ineffective or inefficient study habits, and “I thought I was ready for the test.”  Working with students on improving their academic skills is at the core of our academic coaching services. Our goal for every student is to teach him the skills necessary for success on his own.  Key areas of academic skills coaching include:

  • Organization
  • Planning
  • Time Management
  • Note taking
  • Study techniques – preparing for tests and quizzes
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Problem solving strategies
  • Goal setting
  • Managing long-term assignments
  • Metacognitive skills – learning HOW to learn
  • And more . . . .

Our academic coaching services approach is adapted to the needs of each individual student since each student is unique: different learning styles,  different strengths/weaknesses, different levels of confidence, different backgrounds, different habits, etc.  You cannot find another coaching service as comprehensive and intensive as that one we have developed here at Peak.  Call or come in for a free consultation to learn more.

STUDY LAB (Sun – Thurs, 3:30-7:30)

Two convenient locations

  • 6535 South Dayton St., Suite 2810, Greenwood Village, CO 80111
  • 165 Cook St., Suite 207, Denver, CO 80206

Drop your child off at Study Lab and we will help guide him toward learning all of the above academic skills while making sure he is efficiently completing all of his homework and studying.  Students begin each session meeting one on one with a teacher who checks their organization, their planner and then discusses each of their classes to develop a study plan for their time in the lab that day.  Students then begin their work with guidance and structure provided by the teacher.  If a student has questions, he can ask the teacher for support.  When assignments are completed, the teacher spot checks them for accuracy and quality and provides immediate feedback to the student whether he can move on to the next assignment.  The Study Lab is a highly structured, teacher-guided environment which allows students to work efficiently, improve the quality of their work, and learn the skills needed to succeed in school.